Saturday, August 23, 2008

3rd AmBank Group Malaysia Chess Challenge 2008 - Day 6

Carlos Leonardo cruised to Round 11 with a comfortable 9 points lead with or a clear 1 point difference over fellow Filipino Retanal Elwin. Malaysia's best performer in this AmBank Challenge Kamaluddin Yusof who earlier beat Bangladeshi Ahmed Feroz is set to meet him in the final Round 11.

Another Malaysian that springs into the top 10 Tan Kok Liang will face a monumental task in challenging yet another unrated yet solid Filipino player Retanal Elwin

For the records the best performing female player is unrated Japanese player Mirai Ishizuka with 6 points. Amongst the better known Malaysian players who lost to her were Yeoh Li Tian and Mohd Khair Wahihuddin.

Mirai Ishizuka >

Tan Kok Liang (in black jacket)

Carlos Leonardo revisited his winning form against fellow Filipino Abelgas Roel to further widen the gap with the rest of the field while on Table 2 the two Filipinos reported a drawn game.

Tan Ken Wei could not maintain his momentum and yielded to Chowdhury Sohel whereas Kamaluddin Yusof picked up his form to win over Panapio Jr Rodolfo. Of note is our young player Yeoh Li Tian's win over his more experienced opponent Masudur Rahman to score a respectable 5 1/2 points so far.