Saturday, August 23, 2008

3rd AmBank Group Malaysia Chess Challenge 2008 - Day 5

The afternoon Round 8 reported a draw game between two Filipinos, board leader Carlos Leonardo and second placing Retanal Elwin. The top four boards are now held by the Filipinos. Pictured below is Cruz Noel De La in overall third place.

Tan Ken Wei -->

Tan Ken Wei's win over Mohd Fadli Zakaria catapulted him amongst the top ten alongside two other Malaysians Kamaluddin Yusof and Kamalarifin. He meets Chowdhury Sohel in Round 9.

Earlier in Round 7 after a break yesterday, saw Carlos Leonardo continuing his punishing pace over Indonesian Hukom David. Leading Malaysian player Kamaluddin Yusof was stopped by another Filipino Retanal Elwin (right). It is Kamalarifin Wahihuddin's turn to lead the Malaysian challenge with 5 points when he played out lone Japanese representative Mirai Ishizuka