Friday, May 7, 2010


China – 8
th to 15th
July 2010

1. Invitation

The Chinese Chess Association
has the honour to invite all Asian National Chess Federations affiliated
to FIDE to participate in the 2010 Asian Youth Chess Championships (under-8,
under-10, under-12, under-14, under- 16, and under-18) hosted by the
Jinma Chess Club under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation from
8th (arrival) to 15th July (departure) 2010 in
Beijing, China.

2. Participation

2.1 Each National Federation
can enter one (1) player in each of the Under 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18
(Open & Girls) categories, totalling a maximum of ten (10) invited

2.2 Players placed top three
in their respective categories of the 2009 Championships will also have
personal right and will be accepted as invited players.

2.3 At most two (2) additional
(extra) players per category from one national Federation can also be
registered. All players in Under-8
shall also be considered as additional (extra) players.

2.4 The Organising Committee
shall have an additional player per category and shall hold a player
in reserve to make an even number of participants if necessary.

3. Registration and Travel

3.1 Entry forms must be filled
by the National Federations and returned WITH FULL PAYMENT to
the Organiser not later than 1st June 2010.
The Organiser reserves the right to accept or reject any registration
after this deadline subject to a penalty fee of US$50.

3.2 The complete registration
form must include the surname, first name, FIDE ID number, FIDE rating
and title, and passport number of each player and each accompanying
person. It must also include the name, telephone, fax number and email
of the Head of Delegation and of the Federation Official in charge.

3.3 A digital scan of the passport
and ID photo of each player and each accompanying person must be sent
by email to the Organising Committee.

3.4 All travel expenses must
be paid by the participants or their National Federation.

3.5. Every player (invited
or additional) and every accompanying person has to pay to the Organiser
the amount of US$100 being Registration Fee.

3.6 The above amount of US$100
includes accreditation and bus transport from the airport to the official
hotel and back to Airport.

3.7 Players will not be paired
until all payments of their federation have been fulfilled.

3.8 Players will not be paired
if they are not accredited in Beijing at least one hour before the Technical

4. Entry Fees

4.1 In accordance with FIDE
regulations an entry fee of US$75 is required for each invited player.
Their National Federation must pay this amount to the Organiser.

4.2 For each additional player,
an entry fee of US$150 is required. Their National Federation must also
pay this amount directly to the Organiser.

5. Hotel Accommodation

5.1 Accommodation and full
board will be provided at three or four star hotels by the Organizer.

5.2 Free board and lodging
will be provided to the invited players as well as to One (1) official
per federation from noon of 8th July to noon of 15th
July. The Organiser shall accommodate 2 or 3 invited participants in
normal twin rooms.

5.3 All participants and all
accompanying persons are obliged to live at the Official Hotel.

5.4 Hotel payments for all
additional players and accompanying persons must be made in advance
before arrival in Beijing.

5.5 Cost for full board and
lodging (with breakfast, lunch & dinner) for additional players
and accompanying persons:

a. Twin-sharing: US$70 per
person per day.

b. Single room: US$100 per
person per day.

6. Prizes

6.1 Cups and Medals will be
awarded to the top 3 players in each category.

6.2a The Champions (after tie-break)
in the Under-18 and Under-16 categories shall receive the IM (WIM) norm
equivalent to 9 games.

6.2b The Champions of all categories
(maximum of 3 players in case of a tie) shall be award the title of
FIDE Master (Woman FIDE Master).

6.2c The players with Silver
and Bronze medals (2nd and 3rd placings after
tie-break) in all categories shall be awarded the title of Candidate
Master (Woman Candidate Master).

6.3 The Champion (after-tie-break)
of each category shall have personal right (free board and lodging)
to participate in the 2011 World Youth Championships as invited players.

6.4 The top three winners (after
tie-break) of each category shall have personal rights to participate
in the 2011 Asian Youth Invitational Championships as invited players.

6.5 The final standings (after
tie-break) of the best 3 players from each federation shall count towards
the Team result. Cups and Medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams
in each category.

7. Playing Schedule:

Details Time

08th July Arrival
12:00 hrs

Opening Ceremony 18:00 hrs

      Technical Meeting 20:00 hrs
09th July Round
1 09:00 hrs

      Round 2 15:30 hrs
10th July Round 3
09:00 hrs

11th July Round
4 09:00 hrs

Round 5 15:30 hrs

12th July Round 6
09:00 hrs

13th July Round 7
09:00 hrs

      Round 8 15:30 hrs
14th July Round
9 09:00 hrs

      Closing Ceremony 15:30 hrs
15th July Departure
12:00 hrs

8. Format

8.1 The Championships will
be played according to the Swiss System of 7 or 9 Rounds, depending
on the number of participants in each category. Seven rounds shall be
played with 16 or fewer players, and 9 rounds if greater than 16.

8.2 If possible, players from the same federation shall not be paired
with each other in the last round.

8.3 Rate of play will be 90
minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds increment for each move played
starting from move 1.

8.4 Tie-Break for Swiss-System
: Buchholz, followed by Sonneborn-Berger; Number of Wins with the Black
pieces. In case of Round-Robin : Sonneborn-Berger; Direct Encounter;
Number of Wins with the Black pieces.

9. Contact of the Organising

    Registration by email or fax to:- China Chess Association
80, Tian Tan Dong Rd., Beijing, China 100061

emergency, please contact Miss Abigail
Tian Hongwei


0086-10-6710 2301 Fax: 0086-10-6710 1522

phone: 0086-13911917506

of Bank Account:

Banker’s Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York

Code: CHASUS33

Banker’s Account No.: 001043718

Banker’s Name: Industrial And Commercial Bank of China,

            Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC

Name: XIAOHONG, 9558880200003586855

Room 525, 80 Tian Tan Dong Road, Beijing 100061,

Tel: (86) 10 - 67179295
copy registration to Technical Director Ignatius Leong

Asian Chess Federation

10. Visa Information

Invitation for entry visa will
be sent by email or fax to federations of participants.

11. In addition to the Invitational
Championships, the Organiser invites participants for the Asian Youth
Challengers Championships – based on the same age-groups

11.1 There is no restriction
and a Federation may register any number of entries (all considered
as additional players).

11.2 The Entry Fee payable
to the Organiser is US$50 and the Registration Fee for players and accompanying
persons is US$100 each.

11.3 Hotel Accommodation, Playing
Schedule and Format shall be the same as the Invitational Championships.

11.4 Medals will be awarded
to the top 5 players in each category. There will be no team prizes.

11.5 The top three players
(maximum 3 in case of tie) of each category shall receive the title
of Asian Master awarded by the Asian Chess Federation.

source : Gregory Lau
             Honorary Secretary
             Malaysian Chess Federation

Post by : Hairul Abdul Hamid
              Malaysian Chess Federation