Friday, April 17, 2009

International Age Group Selection 2009 - The Rules

The newspaper article today aptly described the scene beyond the chess board of the recent NAG 2009. But unlike the previous years is a new dimension where matters have turned libelous with blogger parents and respondents churning out half truths ( in short, lies) to the public. To add one even claimed to have made an 'appeal' over the buzzing handphone. Taking potshots on organisers insinuating them with unethical manipulation of chess rules/program, prejudiced eye or lacking in discipline, or making unsubstantiated decision-making process are really uncalled for. Unfortunately there would always be an errant organiser/arbiter somewhere who will dance with the mob. This would only breed disillusionment to those who think of change from within

By the way these are the parents who earlier wanted exclusive and selective passage for sponsorship through MCF. That would explain their vehement refusals to join the mainstream associations. Fortunately they are in the minority, for now

On a more important matter, the Selection will commence tomorrow at Dato Arthur Tan Chess Centre scheduled to start 0900hr .