Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pearl Point National Junior Chess Championship 2008 - Results summary

There was no clear dominance by any of the leading 5 - 6 players in the Boys section, with Muhammad Tariq Amru reported to steadily moving up the ranks in the later matches to secure 7 1/2 points. His win against Sumant earlier on helped him clinch the Championship on a PE tie-break with the latter. It was a deserving win given the strong field of juniors notably NM Edward Lee, Justin Ong, Evan T Capel and Yeoh Li Tian, to name a few.

Nur Nabila on the other hand justified her top seeding to emerge a clear winner with a reported 7 1/2 points ahead of second-placed Renitha Narayanan. Her younger sister Nur Najihah was 3rd with 6 1/2 points ahead of players Sarika Subramaniam, Amira Zullkafli, Kwan Tszee Yeung, Latifah Kaiyisah and Latifah Syamimi