Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Chess Olympiad 2008, Dresden

The Malaysian Team returns today after a gruelling battle in Dresden Germany. There was high expectation on the Malaysian Team to perform, placed 73 in the list as to secure some title norms and maybe to spring a surprise or two. But the Olympiad is no ordinary meet where each country would only send in her top or leading players with the aim of success by whatever yardstick.

Our players indeed performed to their expected levels although the ranking did drop to 96. IM Mas did well to score against higher rated GM Mateo Ramon in Round 5 or later on even clinched a draw against GM Matamoros Franco Carlos. Likewise FM YW Lim were able to hold his fort with draws against his stronger opponents GM Gustafsson Jan, GM Markos Jan and GM Lenic Luka.

However to achieve success beyond the ordinary one must plan to win and given the everchanging environment, with breakthrough ideas.

For the records Armenia won the Open title while Georgia clinched the Woman section. Within Asean, Vietnam put up a strong performance with 9th position in the Open section while the Woman's team slipped marginally to 26th placing, with both teams well ahead of the other counterparts in this region.