Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Malaysian Chess Championship 2009 - Final results

National Championship 2009

Round 9 saw an exciting and an unprecedented finish. It was a nightmare for Zhuo Ren when he could not muster enough fire power to penetrate Edward Lee's defence and let slip the title. It was also not to be on the other table where Abel Yap who was only 1/2 point behind the leader fell through against Abdullah. That was costly for him as he would have clinched the title outright. Evan Capel on the other hand expectedly won against his opponent. Zhuo Ren then had not just NM Edward Lee for company but also Evan Capel and Abdullah who also shared 7 points each.
This triggered a tiebreak, and a four-cornered double round robin was set into play to determine the one winner. Evan Capel played steadily but at the expense of NM Edward Lee, although the latter maintained composure thereafter ending up with just 1/2 point behind. Zhuo Ren's attacking flair lacked strong follow-through endings while Abdullah's grappling with time were costly for both of them. So the Piala Tun Hussein Onn goes to the Penang lad this year

Congratulations to NM Evan Timothy Capel ! 

National Women Championship 2009

Li Ting and the other leading women players however played to their strength. Although Renitha did catch up with the leader to share the same 7 1/2 points in the final round her loss to the eventual winner in Round 5 (Personal Encounter) sealed her second place position. 

In the picture is the winner receiving the Piala Tan Sri Sabbaruddin Chik from the MCF President Tan Sri Ramli.

Congratulations NWM Tan Li Ting !