Monday, June 1, 2009

Malaysian Chess Championship 2009 - Day 3

National Championship 2009

Zhuo Ren continues his fine run with two wins over Mohd Khair and Abdullah respectively. Another top Penang junior Evan (pic. right) will be  challenging him tomorrow. For the record the latter has not lost any game in this Championship so far, but instead drew twice with Abdullah and again with Saprin this morning. This will be an interesting first Board encounter  

Pairing Round 7

National Women Championship 2009

Li Ting leads with 5 1/2 points setting aside Renitha  and later this evening another strong player Winnie Hong. This is a fine run and timely for this relative unknown to step out of the shadows of the Klang Valley girls. Her next opponent NWM Alia is trailling by a point attributed to 4 drawn games, a situation the latter seemed to have repeatedly gotten into of late

Pairing Round 7