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(with effect from March 2010)

The Selection Committee (SC) of the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF)

1. Tan Sri Ramli Bin Ngah Talib Chairman 2. Hj Ibrahim A. Bakar Deputy Chairman 3. Mr. Gregory Lau Secretary 4. Pn. Haslindah Ruslan Committee 5. En. Abd Hamid Majid Committee 6. Hj Ibrahim Yaacob Committee

1. The Selection Committee shall consider the level of participation in National and FIDE rated events held.

2. The strength of the events entered, as well as the results obtained, FIDE rating points and National rating points will be taken into account for each players strength.

3. An applicant shall not be eligible for selection unless the applicant has played at least one FIDE rated event within the period of 12 months preceding the date on which applications for selection close. Participation in stronger events will be looked on favourably by the Selection Committee.

4. For younger age-groups, participation in the NAG Championships is recommended for selection purposes and with prior approval for international representation.


The National Squad comprises:

Men squad
Women squad

1.2 Selection for the National Squad will be based on the following criteria:
Performance in the Malaysian Master Championships (Current)
Performance in the National Closed Championships (Current)
FIDE rating (Top 10) (Current list)
Performance in National Open / State Affiliate Open Fide Events (Current)
any other factors which the SC may determine from time to time

SC reserves the right to exercise final discretion in the selection of players for the National Squad.

Selection for

• The Chess Olympiad

• Asian Team Championship

The Criteria 1) Top 4 from Malaysian Masters Men and Women Championship. (Current list)

2) One (1) choice to be at the discretion of the President

3) In the event when one player decides to pull out from participation after selection, SC reserves the right to exercise final discretion in the replacement.

Selection for

All Multi-Sport Games ( S.E.A Games , ASIAN Games )

The Criteria 1) Depending on OCM / NSC requirement

Selection for

• Continental Championships

• Zonal Championships

• Commonwealth Open Championship

The Criteria 1) Highest rank malaysian in FIDE rating list (Current)

Selection for

• Asian Cities Team Championship

The Criteria 1) The Champion Team of Malaysia’s Inter-State held (current)


2.1 Players will be considered for selection for the National Youth Squad based on the following criteria:

Performance in the National Junior Championships (Current)
Performance in the National Age- Group Championships (Current)
Performance in National Open / State Affiliates Open Fide Events (Current)
FIDE rating ( Top 10 Junior) ( Current list)
National Rating (Top 10 junior) ( Current list)
any other factors which the SC may determine from time to time

2.2 SC reserves the right to exercise final discretion in the selection of players for the National Youth Squad.

Selection for

• World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad

The Criteria Each Champion Boy and Girl U-16

Each Champion Boy and Girl U-14

Selection for
• World Junior Championship and Girls U-20

• Asian Junior U-20 Championships

The Criteria 1) National Junior Champion (Boy & Girl))



3.1 Players will be selected for the National Junior Squad based on the following criteria:

The Champion of each Age-Category from NAG (current year)
Top 4 boy and top 4 girl players in the NAG (current year) according to their respective age categories.
Criteria apply to selection for the following events:

• World Youth Championships

• Asian Youth Chess Championships

• Asean+Age-Group Championships

• Commonwealth Age-Group Championships

• Mas vs Sin Match (depending on organizers requirement)
The Champion in the NAG is to be endorsed by the MCF as its official representation in all Age- Group events and is entitled to receive free accommodation and other benefits provided by the host federation under the FIDE rules applying to the event.

Others ranked applicant is entitled to endorsement by the MCF as an official selection to enter the event at his or her own expense. (Subject to NAG results Top 4)

In the event the Champion decided not to participate in the said event, the offer will be down listed up to the 4th player only.

6) A dateline for accept / decline of the offer shall be strictly implemented.
) A letter of intention to participate in any of the above event other than the Champion must be made in writing to apply for inclusion and only then an offer letter will be issued for the applicant.

) A deposit (organizing fee) shall be collected (non refundable) from the applicant for the event.

Guidelines for Application and procedures for Selection for International Junior Events

1. This clause applies to applications for selection for FIDE junior events such as the World Youth

Championships that permit more than one person to be endorsed by their national federation to enter that event.

2. A person will not be endorsed by the MCF to enter a FIDE Asean/Asian/World junior event unless that person has applied for selection and played in the NAG ( Current year)
3. On applications for selection for a FIDE junior event, the selectors are to determine, in respect of each applicant for selection, if that applicant is strong enough to play in the event. ( Certain factors like Fide Rating and National Rating is important for consideration)

MCF – Selection Guidelines 2010 ( effect from March 2010)

Parents and guardians who require certain clarifications with regard to the MCF Selection Guidelines, are invited to write in ;

Letter to be address to
The Honorary Secretary

Malaysian Chess Federation

Suite 1.21, Level 1, Wisma OCM,

Jalan Hang Jebat,

50150 Kuala Lumpur

Or email –

The Selection Committee

Malaysian Chess Federation

Source - Gregory Lau
              Honorary Secretary
              Malaysian Chess Federation

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